Friday, July 15, 2005

Top Five Dream Jobs

In the interest of High Fidelity here are my top five dream jobs. PS, I love John Cusack.

1. Professional, successful writer. Obviously. And I mean like Stephen King professional successful. Yeah, if I'm dreaming, I want the money, the kick ass house, and the baseball field.

2. University professor of post 1945 literature and writing. Basically what I do now at the high school level but with students who show up, give a damn, think on their own and don't always look to do the minimum and if they fail to do one or all of those things I can fail them or kick them out of class without getting a call from their parents telling me I'm a lousy human being for not encouraging their little deviant in a more positive way.

3. Johnny Depp's personal assistant. Again, obviously. I'd even roll his smokes for him.

4. A Broadway actress. I loved being on stage, back stage, rehearsing, everything when I was in theater. I'm not nearly as big of a fan of directing as I was of being on stage. I can't sing for shit and my acting, well, it was okay in high school. But hey, dream job.

5. An FBI agent. Preferably on something like the X-Files. Quit rolling your eyes. Dreams, people. I'm a big fan of the unknown and I like variety.

So there you have it.

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