Tuesday, November 22, 2005

3 can keep a secret and an instant replay

Hard night tonight, and the Packers loss only compounded it. I don't mind that they lose, it's dealing with Vikings fans that I have trouble with. Vikings fans are, largely, jerks. I can handle a losing season, I can handle it being Favre's last year, I can handle all the close games. What I can't deal with is the childish "nuah nah nah told you so you suck my team rules" yammering that I have to contend with.


What's really upsetting is that a friend of mine spilled a secret that she and I were keeping between us because it could get me into trouble. I'm not doing anything wrong, it's just better that people don't know. And so we agreed to keep it between us. So tonight when she started referring to it in front of two other friends I said "So you told them?" She said yes. Now the problem is that one of the two people can't keep their mouth shut. So what we're trying to keep quiet is going to get back to the wrong people and I'm going to get nailed to the wall on it. And I'm pissed. I'm pissed because she told people when I'M the one who will get into trouble, and I'm pissed because she thinks that the two friends won't say anything. Well SHE couldn't keep it quiet, so why would they??

Finally, to cap off the evening, I had an instant replay of "you don't know what you're talking about." The Vikings fan in the room decided to call me on my football knowledge because he was frustrated with the "unfairness" of the penalties. I said something stupid, kidding, like "yay penalties!" and he looks at me and says "you don't even know what you're talking about."
Well fuck you.

And of course I won't say anything because I'm overreacting, like I overreact to everything, and I don't do well in groups where I feel like I'm at a distinct disadvantage. And I always am, because the whole "good natured ribbing" people learn when they're young with brothers and sisters is not a part of my program. People who call me out or make fun of me might as well be doing it to a four year old because that's how I feel inside. I don't react outwardly like that anymore because if I did I wouldn't have any friends. I need to learn to let things go. Let everything go. Because it's after 1am and you can bet your dog and lot that I'm the only one of the group I was with tonight losing any sleep over anything.

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jodi said...

first of all, secret-telling friends blow goats. i hope you don't get in trouble.
second of all, if you ever want to get inoculated against that good natured ribbing thing, you are more than welcome to spend some time with the sister club.
third of all, i saw bret favre's wife on football last night and you are so much cuter.

that is all.