Friday, November 18, 2005

The List

Since I'm a compulsive listmaker, here's my beginning for a fun filled weekend. Goodness knows I can't just lay around. Oh, wait. That's probably what I'll end up doing. BUT, no one can say I didn't try!

1. Balance checkbook 2004. Don't ask. I try to keep within a year.

2. Balance checkbook 2005. I'm dreaming here, but it might as well be on the list.

3. Clean living room. My living room is pretty much a nest. Everything I need within reach.

4. Clean kitchen.

5. Spot clean carpet. How do I keep getting stains on my carpet??

6. Clear off stairs. My parents taught me this, and it's a bad habit I carried into my adult life. Rather than bring things upstairs or downstairs, I put things ON the stairs intending to take them up/down later.

7. Do laundry/put all clothes away

8. Write christmas letter. Again. I do it every year. Maybe this year I'll actually send it out.

9. Grocery shop

10. Grade CPC, F12 assignments

11. Clean dining room

12. Organize books

13. Clean out car. After the play my car always has that "lived in" look.

14. Get Belize pics developed. Still haven't managed to do that. Yikes.

15. Revise story

16. Work on current story


k1tchenwitch said...

So how much of your list did you manage to cross off?
I'm a horrible stair-stacker too. And what's weird is that I organize the things that I put on the stairs. One step will have a stack of magazines, another will have a stack of CDs, another will have a pile of Legos. It's just that final step, that putting the stuff away in the right place, that trips me up. . .

Kelly said...

I do that too--in groups. I think it's so I make myself believe that I'll actually grab a pile and take it up the stairs. Mine are divided into "bedroom" "office" and "bathroom."