Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Last Twelve Hours

I arrived at Erica's house with pillow, slippers and blanket. We began with The Day After Tomorrow, of which I am not a fan. Then we saw The Good Girl, my pick, which I love love love. The rest of the crew did not like it. Erica did, but Justin thought it was stupid, Phil referred to it about a hundred times as "the feel good movie of the year" and Dan came in during the last moments to say it wasn't that bad. Which is a compliment.

We took a quick potty break and then went to The Usual Suspects. Definitely the winner of the day. Big fan of that movie. Like Mission Impossible for grown ups. We finished with Animal House. So, I watched four movies today I had never seen. Saw Brokeback Mountain again last night, am going to see Capote tomorrow, I am a movie machine.

We finished off the night by going to get chinese food then came home to play a few rounds of clue and scrabble. We're such party animals.


Myfanwy Collins said...

You know? I liked "The Day After Tomorrow" much more than I expected to--though the subplots were ridiculous. Have yet to see Brokeback Mountain but am really eager to.

Got Mona Lisa Smile out of the library the other day (they have such a poor collection of DVD's! I'm hoping to scrape together enough funds to start up my netflix account again). It sucked ASS! Have you seen this movie? Ridiculously bad. All over the place. Julia Roberts was ridiculously miscast. The women who played the students were pretty good though.

It was trying a bit too hard to be The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie meets Dead Poets Society.

wignifty said...

I spent New Years with the ex's family putting together a freakin puzzle for 4 hours!

Is there an award for lamest New Years evening? The only thing that could have made mine lamer is if I spent it with friends watching terrible movies and playing board games...

Kelly said...

Indeed...fortunately I did movie day a week ago. I was out partying it up on New Years Eve.