Friday, January 06, 2006

Can't they just leave him alone???

"Mine survivor has inflammation in lung"
"Mine survivor in coma."
"Mine survivor responds to wife."
"Mine survivor not in coma."

Every time I open yahoo or any internet search engine with news, I'm given new information about this poor man who is trying to survive the mine blast.

Hasn't the media done enough? I don't need an update every five minutes on his condition. I don't care. I'm happy he's alive. I'm trilled for his family, especially his poor wife, that they will have him back. But it is none of my business or concern if he is in a coma, if he squeezed his wife's hand, or if he has an inflammed lung.

My plea to the media:

Leave him alone. Let him go about his business of recovering and going on with his life. He is neither the posterboy for the mining industry nor the representative of the group of men that passed away. I know the media is trying to say "hey, look, we usually report correct information!" but really, they're still doing more harm than good here.

I don't know when it was that Americans decided that we needed to know about everything in the world the second it happened, or when the media decided that we needed to be in the know second by second, but I'm not surprised something like this happened, and it's going to happen more often. The internet is the world's version of the "telephone" game, and we all know how that usually turns out in the end.

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