Thursday, April 06, 2006

My final Idol episode

I called Kelly Clarkson winning the first Idol roughly half through the season. And, okay, I handled it when Clay took second place. It took me awhile, but the fact that he's had WORLDS more success than Ruben has made it bearable. Fantasia, well, she was the best talent of the season. Whatever. And Whats-her-name from last year should have been on Nashville Star but she went for Idol and won and more power to her.

HOWEVER. Even I have my limits as to what I can support and justify according to the American public's "vote." Mandisa being eliminated tonight marks the end of my Idol watching days. I'm so done.

Yeah, she loves Jesus. And she has the balls to talk about it. She has the balls to be not a size four and go on national television and be proud of herself and demonstrate a self-confidence that the other kids that are 16-21 years old can't even conceive of.

She can get voted off, but she already has a career, and she is, without question, the strongest singer this season. So, twatever. It's an extra hour and a half per week for me to spend doing other things besides vegging in front of the television watching a 16 year old shake her ass for the camera or a brainless twit go on the "country song" episode NOT singing country.

That is all.

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