Tuesday, April 11, 2006

My rainman moments

Sponsored by Jodi, who talked about her rainmain moments, and who is talking a lot today by the way, here are my quirky but totally me things that I do, well, sort of OCD-like.

1. When I go down stairs I always have to touch the railing, but with the inside of my wrist and never my hand. This compulsion is two-fold. One, my germophobe status. Two, I need support when going down stairs ever since I fell down them and broke myself in my pre-blog days.

2. When walking by a door I flip my hand (closest the door) palm out. As if that would stop it from hitting me.

3. I wash my hands more than any of my other friends.

4. If I miss a single episode of Survivor or America's Next Top Model, heads roll.

5. Odd numbers. I love them. Like I could have ended this list on four, but where's the fun in that? I'm a 5 and 10 girl.


jodi said...

on what planet is 10 an odd number?

wignifty said...

Did you watch American Idol last night? Talk about AWESOME!

Kelly said...

American Idol is my ass.

But I had to watch it because I had a friend over who wanted to watch it. That all being said, I dug Kellie.

wignifty said...

I knew you couldn't give it up!

Mandisa wasn't kicked off for being religous OR comfortable with her weight. She was kicked off because she can only sing "I'm Every Woman" in its various incarnations. Bucky should be shot as well for a similiar reason.

I thought Mandisa was one of the best talents, but in the end she just got boring. That's why I spoke with the producers of American Idol and suggested she be let go. They agreed. Blame me if you want to, but don't blame the show.

Kelly said...

Shhhhhhh...soon I'll have to come over there and hurt you.
Mandisa was, as I have pontifed, the best singer. I don't need to say any more than that.

HEY...I'm getting a student teacher in the fall! How much fun will that be???

wignifty said...

Don't sleep with this one. Let's end that cycle right now! You can do it!

do you mean "pontificated"? I'm just cureous.

Kelly said...

I so do not sleep with student teachers! Not all of us have the same shady morals that you do!!
I like pontifed...five syllables to two. It's time efficient and you knew what I meant so there, mr. cureous.

wignifty said...

I still remember your stories from when YOU were a student teacher...

Remember those days? Back when we still had a future? Those were good times...Now they live only in our memory as we live out the remaining days of our lives in quiet desperation.

Later gator!

Kelly said...

Oh, when WE were student teachers.....yeah, there were some stories there. God, so young, so ready to change the world. HA.

wignifty said...

Now I'm just happy if I can find my orthopedic back pillow before bed and my copy of Senior Living doesn't have bent corners. I really hate that.

Change the world? Crap, I need someone to change me every time I lose function.