Friday, April 28, 2006

A quick nap before school

Last night was the conclusion of writing class, and, as is the tradition, we all went out to Grumpys for one last Hurrah. Capital H. When I strolled into my house at 2:30am, the chinchillas looked at me like I was crazy. I think they may be right.

It all started with the drinking game during class. I believe Jodi will be referencing this as well. We took workshoppy things people say all the time in class and split them out amongst Jodi, Mike and myself. Every time someone said one of them I would mark a tally next to it and when class finished, Mike had three Grumpy's drinks, Jodi had four, and I had six. That's right, six, because Mike and Jodi deliberately said things on my list. Bitches. As it ended up, Jodi drank two drinks (she was driving), I had four, and Mike I think had fourish.

Then the faint of heart went home, and the rest of us went to the karaoke room where I learned about a whole new breed of Minneapolis-ite, the Hipsters. I'm not exactly sure what a hipster is, and urban dictionary isn't much help, but it appears that a hipster is someone who walked out of Revenge of the Nerds. We're talking the glasses, pen protectors, everything. I don't mean to be insulting, either, I was enamoured with these people who were so blatantly nerdy right out in public. It was refreshing. They were accepted among the other Grumpy's social groups and I didn't see a single midriff, g-string, or cleavage crack. The guys had asses clearly defined by their pants.

So at 1:30ish, maybe 1:45, when I sang my usual fare, "Stay" by Lisa Loeb and the Nine Stories, I was a little nervous. Up until then the music had been loud and proud, fast and dancable. But, I sing Lisa, because I always sing Lisa. So, imagine my surprise when the opening notes of "Stay" come on and the crowd starts whooping and moving towards me and suddenly I can't hear myself sing the first verse of the song because I've got three hipsters crooning away beside me. They loved it. I'm sure I sounded fabulous, and they faded away as I got into other verses (possibly that they didn't know, as is generally the case when I stop singing a song I belted out the first verse of) and I think I hammered it out pretty well.

But we're not done yet! Rob sang before me, and by the time my name came up it was just the die hards: Rob, Jodi and me. So we all headed outside for a change of scene and sat talking about music, tatoos, blogs, Charlie D'Ambrosio, and many other things my tired brain can't grasp yet.

A fully successful evening filled to the brim with all the joy that is a last night of class.

BUT. It's 7:30am, and I've been here at work for 30 minutes. My alarm went off at 5:30 (always set ultra-early so I can prepare myself to wake up) and my brain actually said "Really??" to me. It did, I swear. Nothing like a three hour nap before getting up and going to school.


wignifty said...

Ouch, Kelly. On a school night!

wignifty said...

Maybe we shouldn't have that beer after all. I'm afraid you'd corrupt me

Kelly said...

Corruption is such an ugly word (and I did my damage to you and the rest of the English peeps years ago). It wasn't really a "school night"--we have a work day today. Now quit threatening to take my beer away; I've had a hard enough day as it is what with the keeping my eyes open and moving and stuff.