Monday, May 15, 2006

Detaching and Reattaching

I hate losing touch with people. Like really a lot. I obsess over it. I remember things that we did, important things, and I take it all on myself if we drop contact. It's really bad if I can't get them back--I'll wonder for the rest of my life what they're doing and if they ever tried to get ahold of me. I find this feeling so strange because I can't possibly be friends with everyone, and if I tried it would decrease the significance of the people in my life who mean a lot to me now.
But there's one person I lost touch with this winter and he was kind of important for a few reasons. A) He's a pretty cool guy and B) he did something for me that no one else ever had or probably ever will. I wish I pull him back into my world.


wignifty said...

This winter wasn't that long ago, and stop wishing and do something about it! If he was so great, then he's worth an effort on your part.

Don't wait for things to happen to you, go out and MAKE them happen!

Kelly said...

Oh I did, I emailed him, so now it's in his court. And he's a great guy but not an interest or anything. And I guess you and I got back in touch so life isn't that bad, right? :)

wignifty said...

Awww, you're going to make me blush, pretty girl.

2 1/2 more weeks of school and I'm freeeeeeeeee!