Wednesday, June 07, 2006

And me without my apocalypse

Well, 06-06-06 passed without trauma or fire and brimstone of any kind. Quite a lovely day, actually, and probably much like June 6 of 1906, 1806, 1706, 1606, 1506, get the idea. The ego on our society blows my mind. OH, bad things will happen! We're all going to die! No one ever has before us but we're living in the new millenium! We're different! Some woman who was staving off the birth of her daughter by, like, crossing her legs or something, actually said that she didn't want her daughter born on 6/6/06 because ALL of her friends would blame her any time anything bad happened because of her birthday.


Really? First of all, think about your closest friends and family. Do you know the years they were born? Sure you can probably guess based on age, but not necessarily. Two, all bad things would be because of HER daughter? The ego!! What about any of the other kids born on 6/6/06? Blame them. Third, I think having a kid on 6/6/06 would be kind of cool. Think of the fun you could have. Before you had visitors you could dye its hair black or white or something and tattoo little 6s all over its body and then when people freaked out when they saw it you could just be like "what? I gave birth to the anti-christ and, look at how cute he is. Go on, stick your face real close to his, he does this neat trick..."

Too much fun really.

And, of course, a shout out to JODI my birthday girl yesterday. She lived it up and is now enjoying day one of her 34th year.

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