Monday, June 12, 2006

Nine, eight, seven and six days to Thirty

I'm six days to thirty and I'll be spending this day and probably day five helping my best friend give birth to her son.

Days nine, eight and seven passed in a blur of eating, drinking, sleeping, and spending time with friends. Friday, day nine, I went to see The Breakup with Erica and Dan. Great movie, but the fights between Aniston and Vaughn were uncomfortably real. I don't understand how people can fight like that, how they can scream at each other so loudly. Watching those fights was like watching a car crash happening; they kept getting so far off the topic of the argument, but you know that that's how people fight, there's like a one sentence recall during fights.

After the movie I went over to Greg's and we played scrabble and watched Following. I played a decent game but, of course, still did not beat him because he's unbeatable at Scrabble.

Saturday morning eight to thirty, I slept and slept and slept. Then in the afternoon I walked Gatsby, wrote some shitty shitty stuff for a bit, and got ready for my pre-birthday party. Greg picked me up at 5:30 and we headed to Redstone for an awesome evening with Heather, Nina and Mark, and Michael and Christine. Dinner was great, I love spending time with all of them. We have such a broad range of knowledge and experiences, and it's loads of fun to chat with them. Michael and Christine left after dinner and the rest of us went bowling. My first game I bowled a 133, not too shabby, and then all the alcohol I had consumed over the course of the evening kicked in and I hope I didn't do or say anything too embarassing. I do remember at one point informing Nina that I had gotten a spare because I "channeled my grandma." True, but probably more of a private thought!

Sunday morning, seven days to thirty, I slept and slept again in the morning. The hangover was severe, as was the pain in my ass from bowling, because evidently I need to do more lunges. I wrote some more shitty shitty stuff. Michelle and Josh came over and we went to dinner at Champps and they met Gatsby (who is turning into the world's most high maintainence dog) and I closed out day seven by packing for the trip to Winona today.

I'm excited to be done with my twenties. As near as I can tell, I spent the first half of my twenties completely fucking everything up, being stupid and trying to pretend I was a grown up. The second half of my twenties I've spent trying to not fuck everything up but knowing that I'm probably still doing it, just not so ignorantly. I'm still trying to pretend I'm a grown up.

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Patry Francis said...

The thirties are the best. Hope yours are fabulous...(just wandering in through the blogosphere to say that.)