Monday, July 31, 2006

My two new star crushes

Okay, there are two new ones in the hopper, both from Big Brother 7: All Stars. And I have to say, between the two of them they have almost every feature I would want in a star crush. Its impossible for me to pick one over the other, so I present to you both of my latest star boy toys.

Mike Boogie. Mike is part of the Chilltown alliance, and there's just something about him that I dig. He's funny, and loyal to his buddy Will. He looks a little like Beevis. Or Butthead...whichever is the blonde one (give me a break; I don't crush on cartoons). Nice bod, too. Plus, I love a guy whose nickname is "Boogie."

Dr. Will. It's the ego, here. He's a little pasty white for me, and while I appreciate the work he's done to take care of his body, I prefer a little natural padding in some key areas. But he's freaken smart, and I've always loved a guy with a huge ego. He's funny as hell, and watching him work the BB house is like watching an artist at work.

This is totally the best season of Big Brother, and my only regret in life at the moment is that I didn't hook in with BB until season three, meaning I missed Chilltown on season 2.

Thank you for indulging me in this. I've been trying to curtail my star crush spooging, but these two boys are just too delicious.


jodi said...

I generally dislike Evil Dr. Will, because of the pastiness and the over-botoxed non-expression.

However, i love Hurricane Howie. He's such a big dork.

Kelly said...

Yeah, the botox. Ew. But he's got a great smile.

I looooove Howie...he's awesome and I think he'd be a kick ass boyfriend. And I will say that when Will was giving him a hard time about his forehead lines and was pushing it a little far with the mocking, I felt really sorry for Howie and a bit angry at Will.