Sunday, August 27, 2006

Like sand through the hourglass....

So are the days left in my summer vacation.

Tonight I am savoring my alone time, because in less than 48 hours "alone time" will cease to exist in my world. My world will become a whirlwind of "everyone else comes first" for the next nine months, until June rolls around for my reprieve.

I ate popcorn tonight for dinner and drank a beer. I watched big brother, pausing, rewinding and slow motioning to my heart's content.

I read my book, King Dork, which is my new favorite book (although the first 100 pages could really have been cut down to, oh, say, 50 pages).

I watched Dick Clark on the Emmys and cried, but just a little.

I downloaded my First Ave. Bootlegs CD.

Finally, I made my "Get Up and Go" playlist. It's one hour of music, designed to get me from the shower to out-the-door ready to face my day without gritting my teeth too much.

Here's the list (although the order is subject--in fact likely--to change)

1. Calling All Nations: INXS
2. Better Days: The Jayhawks
3. Morning Train: Sheena Easton
4. Accidentally In Love: Counting Crows
5. Son of a Preacher Man: Dusty Springfield
6. Bend & Break: Keane
7. Break My Stride: Matthew Wilder
8. Unwritten: Natasha Bedingfield
9. Sexbomb (Peppermint Disco Mix): Tom Jones
10. They Don't Know: Tracey Ullman
11. Just Lose It: Eminem
12. I Do: Lisa Loeb
13. Holding Out for a Hero: Bonnie Tyler
14. Never Surrender: Corey Hart
15. Girls Just Want to Have Fun: Cyndi Lauper



Nance Knauer said...

great way to start your day. i love the idea. might have to steal it, and a few of those songs!

Kelly said...

I posted Better Days in the River files. Download away.