Sunday, August 06, 2006

Observations on VH1

I'm watching Celebrity Fit Club 4, and here are my thoughts...

1. The fact that there's a clock ticking down not seconds of my life but the seconds to the new season of Flavor of Love starring Flavor FLAAAAAV troubles me greatly.

2. It does not trouble me as greatly as Ant's complexion and overall facial appearance. What the hell happened? He looks like he had a bad reaction to a mix of shellfish and tanning cream.

3. Harvey still ain't ugly.

4. Dude, Big Pussy. Fan-fucking-tastic.

5. Describing Carnie Wilson as a "singer" and Tina Yothers as an "actress" is either incredibly funny or incredibly sad.

The last time I can find Wilson doing anything relating to singing is 1992. The last time Yothers was in anything relating to acting was 1995. And it was an episode of Perry Mason.

Lets 1992 I was in high school, so can I call myself a student? And in 1995 I was nineteen. So can I call myself a teenager? Hell, in both 1992 and 1995 I was doing quite a bit of singing and acting, so maybe when people ask me what I do I'll say I'm a singer slash actress. Ahh, sweet success.

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