Monday, September 04, 2006

The Great Gatsby, Body Worlds, and back to the grind

Greg and I went to see The Great Gatsby at the Guthrie theater on Friday night. It was absolutely fantastic. The actor that played Nick was a bit of a disappointment, very histrionic, too harsh with the language. The actress that played Daisy was one of my favorites, although I didn't like her to start with. Gatsby, Myrtle and George were amazing. The hardest thing for me in the beginning was trying to adjust the characters I knew from reading the book so many times with actual people there on the stage.

Today we went to Body Worlds with Erica and a few people from work. It was interesting, bizarre, fascinating, morbid, was a lot of different things, but it's hard to articulate. It was difficult to remember that these were real people, not models, not organs/bones formed out of clay or modeling stuff. I was really tired when Greg and I got back to his house.

Tomorrow it's back to school! That's hard for me to wrap my head around as well. I'm glad to be getting back because I need a routine, but I will miss the days when I could spend the whole day reading a book. Or writing. I'm going to miss writing, even though I haven't been doing it at all lately.

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Seebo said...

Wow. Yeah. I totally want to see Body Worlds, but no one will go with me (I suppose they think me too morbid, or some such nonesence) - Great, now I have another blog I have to keep checking up on.

Love it