Wednesday, October 11, 2006

It was all so rad I pretty much wet my pants

Last night I finally got to see Rob Voedisch and Dale Gregory Anderson read at The Loft. It was so kick ass. Rob read first; he read "Glam Cowboys." Then Dale read from his just-finished novel, After the Festival. The crowd was smaller than I had expected, but everyone there adores both of them. I've wanted to see Rob read for years, and Dale read for about a year (since I've known each of them). It's so strange to see Rob be all serious, because in class he's very light even when talking about serious things. I was a huge fan of the whole night.

So after we did the obligatory reading, us as audience and Dale and Rob as readers, we meandered over to Grumpy's for the celebration of how great everyone is. I was at one end of the table with Mike, Michael, Heather, Brad, Heather's fiance Paul, and Greg. It was a blast. We talked about grad school and stories and classes and the mentor series, and Michael's son's wedding and his daughter's car and I ate some potato skins. It's just so amazingly wonderful when a bunch of writers get together. The energy is palpable, and the whole night just seems to whirl by in a crazy, crystal way. Does that make sense? Maybe not to you, but it would to everyone there.

I did not get a chance to talk to either Rob or Dale much, which bummed me out. Rob came up to me when I was on my way out and I dumped a ton of information on him, only about 1% he really needed to know, but whatever.

Tonight I'm happyhouring with Heather and can't wait. Plus, I dig this weather. Except I'm freezing.

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FFJ said...

i am so bummed that i was a million miles away at the other end of the table. everytime i see you it's only for two seconds and we never get to talk. we'll have to do something about that. i blame jodi, it's all her fault.