Saturday, February 17, 2007

Still a tad too cold...

I went for my first outdoor training run today when I got home from St. Cloud. Joe told me how to dress and I dropped a chunk of change last night at REI getting clothes to train in and run the 1/2 in (nothing like offering me a new line of wardrobe to motivate me).

I stayed pretty warm; Joe said that I needed a hat and mittens but that my core would stay warm and he was right. But, my face nearly froze off, and my lungs got a little too much fresh air. I had planned to do a four mile run but I only managed a two mile run/walk.

I am pleased that I got out for at least a little exercise. I missed working out yesterday because I was feeling lazy, so I knew I needed to get out today. Tomorrow is a stretch/strengthen day so I'm going to head to the weight room and spend some time there.

Today was a good heads up about how different outdoor running is from the treadmill. I'm going to need to do some serious pacing practice and preparation for the 1/2.


Patricia said...

hey honey, hope you're doing okay, miss you..xoxoxo

Kelly said...

Hey you! I got your message this morning from last night--sorry I missed you! :(

I'll be back on Zoe soon...just needed a break. Miss you too!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo