Saturday, February 24, 2007

Wind: Blowing. Snow: Falling. Hopes: Dwindling.

I'm assuming at this point that I did not get into the U of M for the MFA program. I had pinned all of my hopes on the fact that I wasn't rejected right away, which had to mean that I was being strongly considered, probably passed around so that everyone on the faculty could wonder at my genius. Rob and I joked the other week that I was surely worth more than a letter; obviously the program director and Charles Baxter himself should be showing up at my door to extend me a personal, face to face invitation.

But, I discovered a forum through Poets and Writers the other day and it seems as though all of the above thoughts were equally dillusional. First of all, people are getting accepted left and right to a shitload of schools, Iowa, UMass, the U of M (Michigan)...the list goes on and on. I've been stunned by the number of schools people apply to (11-20, usually) and how many times people have applied...two, three, four years with nothing.

The thought struck me today: Duh. Schools that really want you ask you early so that you don't accept another offer. It is not a good thing that I haven't heard.

That totally sucks.


Myfanwy Collins said...

Stop that right now! No news is good news. Keep hope alive!!!

Kelly said...

The hope is alive, but with a weak pulse. After March 5 I'll know I really didn't get in...whats-her-name heard in 2004 on March 2.
I have become a statistics stalker.