Friday, March 09, 2007

If it ain't broke.....

I finally went to see Hottie Doctor today about my foot to see if I was nursing a break or a fracture or what. I tried to work out for the first time yesterday in nearly a week, with somewhat catastrophic results. I ran at about half my normal speed for two-tenths of a mile and then had to stop because I was twisting my feet so much to avoid pain I was worried about falling off the treadmill. So, I went to the elliptical and managed a mile on that, but my heart rate stayed so high (in the 170s when my fat burning range is 122-125) that I knew my body wasn't liking it. I finally ended up biking for about 45 minutes and then lifting weights with Joe. The last time we worked out together was before last weeks snow days, so it was nice to get caught up with him.

At any rate, I'm not broken, sprained, fractured, or otherwise injured in such a way that I shoudn't be back to running in another week or two. Dr. Hot recommended that I cross train so I stay in shape and he said I should still be in fine shape to run the half in May. WHEW.

So, I've readjusted my workout regime and Dr. Hot gave me a boot/cast thing that should help me prevent further injury from favoring my foot so much. It's already working wonders and I'm hoping that I'll be able to get my first run in late next week.

The bummer is I know I lost ground. I can already feel my abs and leg muscles starting to loosen. Good news is, though, the weight loss is starting to kick in, and my blood pressure is 117 over 72. That's after the most stressful week of the school year yet this far, so I'm pretty damn excited.

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Myfanwy Collins said...

Ouchie! Your poor foot. Do you have good running shoes? A couple of pair to switch off?

Did he mention anything like Plantar Faceitis (sp?)? If so, let me know because I have some great stretches for that.

Great news about the weight loss and blood pressure.