Sunday, March 11, 2007


The reading tonight was absolutely amazing. Heather, Paul and I went to Grumpy's afterward and talked up a storm about writing, careers, kids, hockey, you name it. Heather and I are going to have a "party for two" next Saturday, St. Patrick's Day, where much alcohol will be consumed, stories will be discussed, and all topics girlie and otherwise will be covered.

The time has come to do some "soul searching"--a term I hate because it sounds like so much damn work-- and figure out what I want to be doing for the next ten years. My twenties passed in a blaze of college, teaching, and poor relationships. I am determined that my thirties not pass the same way. Do I want an MFA? I have no idea. Do I want to stay teaching? No clue. Do I want to get married? I can't see myself married to anyone from my twenties.

It doesn't make sense to me to keep blindly doing the same thing that I started doing when I was 22 just because it seemed like a good idea then. Lots of things seemed smart when I was 22 that I now realize were completely idiotic.

So I need to figure out what to do...professionally and personally. A daunting task.

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