Saturday, April 21, 2007

Book #15 Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill

Troy recommended this book to me, though since Hill is Stephen King's son I had to make sure that I read it. I entered it with reservation--just because he's King's blood doesn't mean that he's a great writer, and I guessed that he had some connections to publishing that other writers may not have.

The book was, ultimately, amazing. Brilliant. Very similar to King in his younger years. It wasn't perfect, of course, (so few books are) but this book grabbed me and held me from the first page to the last without a need for downtime. His style is so similar to his father's that one time, when the main character was speaking about his cocaine habit, I thought to myself "well, that's straight from experience", before I remembered that this was not King's story.

Judas Coin, a retired rock-and-roll frontman, is interested in the occult and has a collection of fascinating objects related to the dead, the afterlife, and the occult. He buys a ghost on an on-line auction, and the result is enough for a compelling novel.

If you like King's style, and enjoy horror in general, this book is for you. I hope that Hill has a long writing career ahead of him. King can be proud to know that when he is no longer able to put pen to paper, there is a descendent who will keep the genre alive in the true spirit in which good horror should be written: not just plot, but character. Not just gore, but true fright.

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