Friday, April 13, 2007

Only I care, but...

Jodi and I chat frequently about how the only person who cares about dreams is the dreamer, but I'm going to talk about my dream anyway because of how vivid it was.

Last night I dreamed about my ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend. She invited me over to her house (which was actually her parents house and it was a mansion) and she said that she knew that she needed to be worried about me but that she still wanted to be friends. There were tons of people at the house; it was a huge party.

It was the first time Ex and I had seen each other since road-tripping together immediately post-break up. He greeted me and then he kissed me in the bathroom and told me that he missed me. I left the party thinking that I was worse off for going because now I had hope again that we would get back together but I knew that we couldn't.

There were other parts that faded away, but when I woke up I tried to say "Gatsby" to call him but instead said my Ex's name out loud into my empty room.

That was weird. It's the type of dream that has stuck with me throughout the day and makes me want to do things like email him to see how he's doing and say that it's been long enough since we talked last. But, I know that he wouldn't email me back and then I would feel like an idiot.

I do enough things in my life to make me feel like an idiot, you know?

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