Tuesday, April 24, 2007

SWF Seeking Mentor

Applications for the 2007-08 Mentor Series are due this Friday, so I've been plugging away, spit-shining my wares and preparing them for the judges' eyes. I'm approaching this year's much differently than last year for several reasons. I would absolutely love, love, love to get in, and as an honorable mention from last year I really feel like I've got a good chance. I also know that being an honorable mention last year doesn't really make a difference. The readers are different, the judges are different, and lots of people with strong stories don't make the cut. But, going through the whole masters application process has taught me that whatever happens, happens. I would love to get in and be a part of the series, but I know that there's only so much I can do. I'll put in my best work, the top stuff I have, and then I'll head back to the waiting room, a space I'm intimately familiar with.

Wish me luck!!

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