Tuesday, May 29, 2007

You can always tell it's May...

I didn't fall off the planet all of last week, I promise. But, I also couldn't pick out any specific events that I did or did not do. This is May. A whirlwind of grading, getting the last lessons in of the year, getting out failure notices, and trying to enforce rules for seven more days. I also try to manage a life outside of school, a prospect that becomes more difficult as we build toward summer.

Soon, summer will be here with all of its promise and beauty. Though I am teaching summer school, I am also going to Seattle, a city I would love to live in. This trip will be the highlight of my summer, barring some other extraordinary event, and I can't wait. Though I'll only be there for a short visit, the family I have there is incredible and I adore them.

Today I must survive and get the summer school curriculum planned. Yay.

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