Monday, June 18, 2007

31 and all is well

Today I begin my 31st year. I got up early and ran, to start the day off right, and in a few minutes will head off to summer school. Later Gats is going to the vet (just routine) and then I'm having drinks with Erica and dinner with my parents. I'm also going to spend time with myself, reading and writing, working on things that make me happy.

My birthday gift to myself was to stay up late last night reading Lorraine Bracco's memoir 'On The Couch.' I'll post about that later, but it was truly a great book with lots of life lessons about how things can get out of control and suck, and it's a woman's job to get her life on track and live it the way she wants to.

Shay Youngblood was here this weekend for the final Mentor Series craft talk, and in it she talked about how she decided on her birthday that she would give a gift to someone (someone gave her a gift on that person's birthday and it was really moving to her). I like that. Today I'm going to figure out who I want to give a gift to and why.

I hope you all have as awesome of a day as I've already had, and that it gets better with each passing hour.


jodi said...

Happy Birthday Peabo!

Kelly said...

Thank you, friend!! :) Can't wait for post-poetry Grumpys!!