Friday, August 24, 2007

Book #38 Pleasure Prolonged by Cathryn Fox

When I was in ninth grade my friends Cristina and Robyn and I would sit in the upper level of the auditorium during play rehearsal reading the dirty parts of novels that we had, of course, highlighted.

Reading the mistaken delivery Pleasure Prolonged totally put me back there. This was a bodice-ripper to the extreme. No literary merit whatsoever, and thank goodness for that. Just good 'ole Erin and Kale and their quest to have a "casual" affair. Of course they fall madly in love (in a week's time) and can't even manage to have dinner together without racing to the bedroom. Kale admires everything about Erin; he can't believe that she's available, and he says that he's crazy about her. Erin is recovering from a bad break up and is not in the mood to date, but Kale captures her...uh...heart. Yeah, her heart.

I was happy that a real storyline managed to surface in the novel, and I did find the characters interesting (though some of the writing was so cheesy I actually laughed out loud). This totally does not qualify as "literature," but it did remind me that sometimes books are just for fun. I spend so much time studying novels, reading as a writer, and it was refreshing to just sit back and read like I used to back in my "pre-writer" days.

I didn't use a highlighter...though if I had, it might have been easier to highlight the clean parts.

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