Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Across the airwaves...

Tonight I hit on a chat with Robyne Robinson of KMSP, who was talking about how it is to be a female news anchor (given that the tv show Anchorwoman premiered tonight). After talking to her for approximately an hour, I have to say that we are SO LUCKY to have her with us in the twin cities. She's humble, hard working, and intelligent. She talked about how hard it is to break into tv news, and how appearance is such a huge priority. She was born in 1961 and she looks like she's about 30, and it's not an accident. She jokingly mentioned that she worships a picture of Satan in her closet every night to keep her youthful appearance, but quickly explained that she works out (ideally spending between 15-20 hours at the gym) and watches what she eats (no red meat) and drinks her 8 glasses of H2O a day.

We also talked about teaching--she admires teachers very clearly from some of the things she said. And I have to say that talking with her one on one (it was just the two of us chatting for several minutes) was really damn cool.

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