Thursday, August 23, 2007

Second verse, same as the first

I'm back in "application mode" for grad school. My experiences with applying to the U of M for their MFA program ended unhappily in March. But, always the glutton for punishment, I'm back for more less than six months later.

I have abandoned my MFA quest, at least for the time being. I learned a lot about what I wanted in terms of writing through the application process, and I decided that now isn't the right time for me to seek my MFA. But, since I do need to get my Master's Degree (for about five years now), I'm exploring Plan B.

Plan B is the Master's in Organizational Leadership through St. Catherine's. The degree has a number of concentrations; mine will be conflict resolution. Hopefully I can start in the winter and be done in under two years. If I do that, I can look at Seattle as a real possibility.

But, as I looked at the application, the essay, the whole process, my stomach started getting familiar "butterflies." I worked myself to the bone on my U of M application. It's really hard to voluntarily enter that realm again. I did say, though, that whatever is meant to happen will happen, and maybe it's for this reason that I didn't get into the U.

So, here we go again.

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