Sunday, September 30, 2007

Quite a month for my two favorite men, and a few lessons for me.

Stephen King has finally gotten his "literary due" in the form of being asked to be the guest editor for The Best American Short Stories 2007. King has been working his way into the literary clique for about the last twenty years, and hopefully his choice of stories will shut up some of the critics that think that King couldn't identify a good story if it snuck up behind him with a knife.

King's preface is noteworthy. I read it last night as I prepared to delve into the treasured book, and I found myself nodding, laughing, grimacing, and, finally, nodding again. Considering I had done one of the exact same things King described (it involves one's butt in the air and nose in the carpet, although I had cold tile rather than carpet) earlier in the day, it was accurate. Additionally, it helped me during this time of utter writerly confusion by reminding me what it is I should truly be trying to do with my writing.

I put down the BASS today to watch the Packers throttle the Vikings here in "Viking territory." Brett Favre became the record holder for most passing touchdowns at 421 with about five minutes plus some change left in the first quarter. He still meant business in the second half of the game when he threw pass #422.

I think about the last two years when Favre's name was always uttered in conjunction with the word 'retirement.' And I think about how, if he had, he would not have had today. Favre is obviously a model football player, a role model to his players and to players across the NFL, even to players in college and high school, but he's also a role model to those of us who simply watch the game. He is strong, hardworking, and determined. He sets goals and he achieves them. When things get rough for him, he fights harder rather than curling up and whining "It's too HARD!".

Though Favre is not a writer, he taught me a lot about writing today. He and Mr. King...who'd of thunk it. Professionals who love what they do work their asses off regardless of talent, of publicity, and of popularity. They work out of a continued desire to be the best. Favre didn't sit out the rest of the game today after he achieved the record in the first quarter. He kept working, as he always does.

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Leah said...

No no, there are definitely those of us who can very easily still hate Favre.

But I'm a Vikings fan through and through, so I may have some bias. Although, I just don't like him. Not even the Packers. Just him.