Thursday, October 11, 2007

F#%@ing Math

So as part of the steps for Operation: DBH (which is still TBA but not for much longer) I need to take a math test. Now, I took the GRE in 2004, and scored admirably considering I began to cry during the math portion. Unfortunately, those scores aren't applicable for this situation. This drives me CRAZY, because my grades from my college transcript from nine years ago works for English and writing, but not so much with the math. It's the math scores that I really needed.

This test is troublesome, because when it comes to math I ain't got the smarts. I'm scheduled to take the test on Wednesday over MEA and it's imperative that I do well. So, for the next five days I am becoming Math Woman. I will eat, drink, sleep and breath math. I will make love to math. I will adopt math as my own and care for it and send it to a fine college one day.

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jamais vu said...

:o) I have that same aversion to numbers. It just occurred to me a few days ago that I haven't even balanced my checkbook since last February because it would entail doing math. And that's just the basic add/subract kind. Mention Pythagoras or Euclid and my brain disappears into my brain-stem and cowers there until i read it some soothing poetry.