Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Namaste, DBH, and two reasons I'm glad I'm a teacher

Yoga on Monday night was the highlight of my week. Better than poetry, better than fiction class. My instructor, Molly, pretty much rocks the casbah, and I'm shocked I haven't taken a class before.

Operation: DBH is progressing nicely and, if all goes according to plan, the big announcement will be made on November 20 and DBH will be out in the open.

Teaching has been surprisingly humorous this week. The first time I busted a gut was after school at rehearsal on Tuesday. The guy from the newspaper came to photograph the kids and get interviews. I love it when outsiders come into our world and are clueless that teenagers find everything sexual. This time, I did not need to wait to be totally amused. He posed the kids and then told them to do a serious shot. He says "After the serious one then if you want I can take a picture of you jerking off..." at which point the horror on some faces and the outright laughter of others clued him in that "jerking off" is not something that should ever be said out loud. Ever.

Today, being Halloween, the kids were allowed to dress in costume. One of the rules is that students can't wear masks that completely cover their faces or make them unrecognizable. It was 7:15am, before my coffee, and I hear an announcement over the PA system: "Would the pink power ranger please report to student services." My hand to God.

I love it when teaching makes me laugh rather than cry.

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jamais vu said...

*snort!* hee hee. Really, i can't think of any context when the term jerking off would not be construed as sexual! Some of us will never grow up.