Saturday, November 03, 2007

Save the daylight...

Tonight is daylight savings. I love getting an extra hour. It's like a special gift all wrapped up and handed to me at 2am.

I visited my parents tonight (they're leaving for Europe on Tuesday) and I said the stupidest thing. We were all saying goodbye and they were talking to the dog. So I look at Gatsby and say, brace yourselves, "Yeah, Gats, they're going away for a long're never going to see them again." Jesus. How about if I just go tamper with the plane or something? Let me just give fate an engraved invitation to mess everything up. *sigh* It's what I do, I guess.

Of course now I'm going to sit around until they get home praying that everything goes okay. I won't fly to Europe myself, given my total unadulterated fear of flying (wild horses couldn't get me to fly over an ocean, nosiree), so when they do I just worry for them.

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