Friday, December 28, 2007

Ahh, food...the war wages on...

I've spent the last 42 minutes looking for recipes for something to cook tonight for dinner. I could take the easy way out and go to Chipotle, but I figure with time and energy I should cook. Unfortunately, I can't find anything that I like, want to make, doesn't take six years to cook, etc. The old standbys keep creeping into my head--rice in chicken broth, rice with noodles and soy sauce, popcorn, pizza from Papa Murphys, a glass of V8, pasta with butter and garlic--but I want to try something sort of new. Like pepper steak or some type of chicken. Or chili, even, except no one makes traditional chili anymore, it's all full of crazy foods that I wouldn't even eat on their own.

Sigh. The quest continues. I will eat tonight, dammit.

UPDATE: Subway won out. At least it's healthier than Chipotle.

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