Thursday, December 27, 2007

Book Plan 2008: A Preview (and a panic attack)

So I was at Half Price Books with Erica last night picking up some anatomy study guides and a few other fiction books when the realization hit me: starting January 14, I may never read a book for pleasure again. When will I have time to read? Three college classes combined with a teaching overload? Nevermind that I haven't been a student in ten years, and when I was that student ten years ago I was an average student at best--and in science and psychology, two of the classes I'm taking--I was below average at best.
The formula stands at about 3 hours of studying/homework for every one hour of class, and from what I remember of college (ten years ago, yeah?) that's pretty accurate. So, I've got nine hours of class. That's 27 hours of studying (I think that's the sum total of study time I spent in college) combined with those 9 class hours for a total of 36 hours of class/studying. OH, and the 40+ hours of the teaching thing. How many hours are in a week? *calculating* 168. And, I need to sleep; I'm in my 30s now. So let's take away 56 hours for sleeping. Okay, so that's 168-56=112 - 40 hours of work = 72 - 36 college/study time = 36.
I have 36 hours a week to do my own thing. Okay, that's actually not so bad. Could someone check my math on that please? That gives me approximately five hours a day to eat, pee, watch Seinfeld, read, write, do yoga, hang with friends, play with the dog, etc.

I am so dead. I'm so dead they're going to have to bury me twice. That's from a movie, I think. So, enjoy Book Plan 2007 while it's here, folks. Next year there isn't going to be any 100 books in a year plan...I think I'll try for one. Book. For pleasure. One book for pleasure.

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