Monday, December 03, 2007

Hips as headlights

Tonight in yoga I learned that my hips are headlights. I've always thought my headlights were about twelve inches higher, but these are the things we learn in yoga. I have disproportionately large hip bones. But, they are central to the asanas we learned tonight and so I kept my headlights front and center and sucked it up. At the end I was pretty sure my hips were going to simply lock into position and I'd be unable to walk. I made it to the car, which I consider a raging success. I'm kidding, of course...except that I need to remember that I'm not a pretzel and therefore cannot all of the poses exactly as Molly does them. It's so hard to not intellectualize yoga. The whole point is to be comfortable, meditative, and focused. My perfectionism is working against me here because all I'm thinking about is how to do the poses "perfectly" so then I lose my breath, and it just gets worse the further into it I get. Must relax. Focus on my headlights.

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