Sunday, January 27, 2008

Well that didn't take long...

Got an email from friend Troy that reads:

Okay, just a little dig ...

Because you purchased Duma Key from Amazon, and for months -- months, I say -- Amazon has had a side by side comparison running of the Tin House story and the first chapter of the book.

I checked it out and Troy speaks the truth. So I stand corrected, and humbly apologize to King for my earlier outburst. I should never have doubted you, Stephen.

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Leah said...

Have you ever read Apt Pupil? It's in Different Seasons (the one with Shawshank Redemption in it). That story will haunt me in the worst way until I die. I pretty much wish I had never read it. I can't imagine how anything could be more emotionally scarring than that story.