Sunday, March 30, 2008

Alien, Aliens, and more Aliens

Last night Encore played all three Alien movies in a row. My understanding is that there is a fourth Alien movie that came out as well, but Encore did not play that one. That was kind of them, as it allowed me to sleep.

Because I watched all three Alien movies. For the first time. I don't know exactly how I've missed them before, but I've gone through all 28 of my available Alien-watching years blissfully unaware of the bounty of Alien goodness.

So, here are some observations from a deflowered Alien virgin:

1. Sigourney Weaver is freaking hot.

2. Had I seen Alien when it came out nearly 30 years ago, at any age, I believe I would have been scared actually to death.

3. I don't remember the last movie that actually made me involuntarily bring my hands up to my face to cover my mouth. Nor do I remember a movie actually making me flail my arms around as I sat in my chair.

4. Watching all three Alien movies back-to-back right before bed can give a person some seriously messed up dreams.

5. James Cameron is one seriously messed up dude.

6. I am equally amused and saddened that Carrie Henn, the girl who played Newt in Aliens, is now a school teacher and never made another movie. Saddened because I thought she was a pretty decent actress, amused in the same way I am when I think of Stephen King being a high school teacher. "Who's your English teacher? Stephen King." "Who do you have for homeroom? That little girl from Aliens!"

7. Aliens is on again now and I'm fighting the urge to watch it because I think doing so might be suggestive of an addictive personality.

8. How could that dude breathe with that thing on his face?

9. A backward swan dive into a pit of fire and coddling an alien to your breast like a newborn baby is, not only "seriously messed up", but there's a beauty to it that creates the inevitable ending all us writers want to produce in our fiction.

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TT. said...

Alien: Resurrection actually has some decent moments, but a really disappointing ending. Or at least a really disappointing special effect at the end.

If you're ever so inclined, look for the special edition DVD of Alien3 -- there's a reconstructed sort of "director's cut" that is quite a bit better than the theatrical version. I never understand why a studio hires a visionary director like Fincher and then doesn't stand behind him.

Finally, I think there's actually a line in Alien saying that the facehugger is breathing for the victim. Or something like that.

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