Thursday, August 28, 2008

A list of things that are making my blood pressure rise and long for the time when Mother Superior gave me a good thrashing...

--> A two hour required van training session WITH a driver's test and rumored pee tests in order to drive a minivan less than a mile once every six weeks or so with kids who wouldn't pass a pee test if you held a gun to their heads...

--> Wanting to print something but the printer is demanding a different type of paper than I have to offer and I can't send it to one of the other forty billion printers in this place because my computer is only set up to print to the ONE printer and I don't have the "administrative rights" to choose a printer. Maybe if I take a pee test?

--> The amount of stuff we have to confiscate from kids this year. Hats, ipods, cell phones, dogs, drugs,, being a teenager is just no fun anymore.

--> Two people in my department who are driving me completely crazy for completely different reasons.

--> That I forgot my own ipod (or maybe someone confiscated it when I wasn't looking) and every time I try to stream something my internet shuts down. All I want to do is listen to some ks95. Really. That's it. The extent of my desires for today.

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