Monday, August 11, 2008

The weekend was so big I need to break it up into parts...

Taking my last final on Thursday morning at 8am (ended up with an A, thank you!) started a four day frenzy of activity that I won't be recovered from for at least a few more days. Thursday and Friday I cleaned the house and got set up for my "social reincarnation soiree"--a party to celebrate my finishing summer classes and getting back in touch with all of the friends I've neglected for too long.

The party got going at around 6:30 when Erica showed up, followed shortly after by Jessie and Brian. Then Jodi arrived, and my parents came to take the dog and things got going. The highlight of the night was the opening of the Olympics, where everyone who isn't a smoker was glued from 7-11pm. It was really cool to see friends from drastically different areas of my life meet together and get along with one another. At one point I looked at Yoga Molly and said "this is the most eclectic group of people that could possibly be in a room together." The die-hards stayed up until about 2am and then we retired for the night.

It was a lot smaller gathering than I had planned, but enough people who were there promised me it was "intimate" rather than "totally lame" so I'm happy. It did remind me, though, why I have parties so infrequently. As an introvert, it's really strange for me to have a whole lot of people in my space. I love to have people over, but I'm really a lot happier with 4-5 people than I am with 30.

The next day Jessie, Brian, Rocket and I went to breakfast at the Teepee on the Rez, and the breakfast was so fucking good it was the only thing I ate all day without realizing it until the next morning when I woke up starving. I love the Teepee.

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