Sunday, September 07, 2008

What "colors" do to dreams

Two days ago I mentioned colors, those ugly anxious emotions that bear the names of various colors.

Let me tell you want going through "colors" do to your dreams.

I took a nap today...last night I went out with Molly and then later we met up with her two roommates Ruth and Blaine. We got back to their place and settled in at about 2:30am, then I woke up to drive home at about 5:15am. I went back to sleep, of course, but obviously a nap was in order. While napping, I had the following dream. Before you's long and detailed and a full-on nightmare. I don't know exactly what it means, but I have some ideas. Some strong ideas. But if any of you out there are good at dream interpretation, please comment and tell me what you think is up.

Shoes and snakes.

I looked out my patio door and saw a coral snake approaching the door. I then realized that both the glass and screen doors were open. I ran to the door and a bunny came through the patio door and I threw a shoe out the door to stop the snake. The snake caught it in its mouth (I felt it’s mouth brush my fingers) and it began to eat my shoe. I was mad because I knew I’d never get the shoe back. I went after the rabbit in my house—grey—and then for my camera. I went back to look at the snake, which was arched up in the air trying to swallow my shoe. I looked at a corner of my patio and saw at least two other snakes (yellow striped) coiled up against a HUGE black long snake. There were baby ducks being devoured by the yellow striped snakes. Then I *really* needed my camera. I found it, but couldn’t get it to focus. I then saw a dog, I think a basset hound, coming toward the snakes. The coral snake had finished my shoe and went after the dog. I ran outside to try to stop it, and when I got out there I saw that the dog I saw was actually laying over another dog that was badly hurt, its eyes had been eaten out by the snake. The second dog looked like my neighbor’s dog and my first instinct was to run to their patio door and knock for help, but the urge to get my camera was too strong. I thought maybe I should run around to the front of the house, grab my camera, and ten get the neighbors. I ran back into my house and went upstairs to photograph the snakes from my upstairs window.

I opened the door to my loft (my actual loft is open) and noticed something was wrong because there was a very tiny window that didn’t open. The room was very tiny and I thought “this isn’t right, this isn’t my house. The loft and the second bedroom match up and both look outside.” So I turned to go into my second bedroom. It was pink, and had my childhood bed in it along with furniture that wasn’t my childhood furniture but I recognized it as that. My mom was in there cleaning my room, and it was spotless. I opened a tiny drawer on top of my dresser (designed for jewelry and stuff) and saw places where q-tips had been, little cotton strands were there…and I turned to look in the closet and it was so neat and clean. I started to cry and said “I have to simplify my life!” As soon as I said that I opened a second closet door and the closet was full of stuff…clothes hanging weirdly and bags all over the floor. I ran back to the loft, thinking I had to be dreaming and not know I’m in a dream (I’ve *never* thought this in a dream) and the loft was normal. I went back to the second bedroom but it was still the same pink childhood bedroom.

I took my camera to photograph the snakes from the loft. But when I looked outside, there was pure carnage below. A cat was on its side throwing up what looked like baby snakes, and there were at least three dogs down on the grass that had been attacked. A little girl was walking toward the fray with a hamster and I tried to scream at her to go away because she was looking at me, but I couldn’t scream through the screen. I looked again at the cat and there was another little girl there now holding the cat and a man behind her telling her “it’s a good idea”…I assumed he was saying the cat should be put down.

Then I woke up.

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