Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ho Ho and Merry Merry

Merry Christmas, my friends. It's been yet another interesting year, one I'll comment more on my annual New Year's Eve post in a few days. I've been learning a lot about different ways to celebrate Christmas that don't always involve blood relatives. Mine still do, and though I did celebrate today with some of them, my "real" Christmas happens on Christmas Eve with my parents and Gatsby. Though we spent most of the fall talking about how we needed to cut back and not spend as much on Christmas, we still ate lobster to bursting and started the evening by sharing a bottle of Dom Perignon. We guard our traditions even in the face of extreme budget constraints.

I wish you all the happiness you could ask for in the closing days of 2008. I hope that you spend time with people you love, be they family or friends or strangers who warm your heart. I hope that Santa brings you everything you need and a few things you want. I hope that when you go to bed tonight you do so fully imbued with the magic of Christmas and the love, faith, and joy that it entails.

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