Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cleaning up the Hermitage (and the longest story about tampons I've ever told)

I'm having company today. I think. It's still somewhat up-in-the-air, as these things often are. But, last night and today I've been cleaning my house. It occurred to me while I was scrubbing my toilet on my hands and knees (don't all profound thoughts happen around this time?) that the last time anyone was in my house except for my parents was back in August at the Social Reincarnation Soiree. That was a bit over five months ago.

The thought first came to mind last night when I was reorganizing the bathroom off of my bedroom. I just got a nifty cabinet from my parents because they're redoing their bathroom, so I was filling it with standard bathroom fare. I put a container of tampons on one of the shelves and then paused. Should I put them there? Just out in the open for anyone to look at? Then I thought, "who will see them?" I tried to remember the last time anyone but me was in my bathroom. Then I thought about who, since I moved in, had ever been in that bathroom. And I decided to keep them there because anyone who makes it that far into my 'inner sanctum' knows about tampons and probably knows me well enough to not be bothered. At least I hope so.

I kind of wonder why I'm so protective of my space. It isn't that I don't have friends, or that I'm not sociable. I just always end up going over to other people's places or out to restaurants/events. I never invite anyone over, and of course no one is ever "hey, let's go to your place!" Maybe it should be another new year's resolution to open up my house a little bit to the people I'm close to. I have no idea why I'm so afraid to have people over. And not even "people"--just "person." Anyone who doesn't walk on four legs. Very odd. I am a very odd girl.

But, back to cleaning. Because today someone is coming into the hermitage. I think.


happyfunpants said...

I landed here via BlogHer...your title was too funny to not check out the post. But I wanted to let you know that I had the exact same thought process recently. It's like putting them out is easy and convenient for me, but I don't want someone to come into my bathroom and be all "Why does she need to display them?" and make a scrunched up face of disgust and disdain.

Eventually I came to the same conclusion you did. Well, that and I bought a stainless steel funky Kleenex holder. I put it upside down and put the tampons in (after blocking the hole at the bottom). So now it just looks like a fancy box on my shelf rather than a tampon display.

And this marks the weirdest comment I've ever left on someone's blog I don't even know... :)

Claire said...

High Five on the giant tampon post and also for the first comment - you both made me crack up!

I hide my tampons in my bedside cabinet. I buy them in bulk, like four months' worth at once, so that I don't have to buy them often (cos its embarrassing). Once I went supermarket shopping for them with two of my female friends. One of them looked at me like I was an alien as I poured copious amounts of tampax into my shopping basket.

"Dude, how many of those do you USE???"

Yes. I am the crazy tampon lady.

Kelly said...

I like the kleenex box idea!! And, I also buy in bulk from Sams Club. Hey, you're going to use them once a month until you're in your fifties, right? It's like toilet paper--never goes out of style. All hail to tampons and the crazy ladies who buy/prominently display them!!!

Leah said...

Damn, when I lived in ND I had Dan (my boy) and a male roommate. I often left my box on the back of the toilet or on the sink, with the flaps ripped off. Sometimes I would go in there to find it had been put in the closet.

I guess they made our roommate uncomfortable?? Haha. Well he never spoke to me about it and Dan never moved them.

me said...

Hm, I've never thought about the possibility that someone could be uncomfortable about seeing a whole bunch of tampons in a bathroom or buying them in bulk. I live in Denmark and cannot get the tampons I like here, so I buy them in bulk in Germany once or twice a year. And of course I cram them all into my tiny bathroom on top of the tiny cabinet. Now that I think about it, it probably looks a little like I am obsessed with them. ;-) But, so far I have never gotten any comments or weird looks from female or male friends and visitors. Maybe Danes are more relaxed about that sort of thing?

Kelly said...

I think Danes (and Europeans in general) are more relaxed about the human body and its processes. Even though we've got Britney and Paris flaunting their business all over town, for some reason tampons still scare people...