Sunday, July 12, 2009

Why grandparents are super-duper nifty:

Conversation from our visit yesterday, where I began the morning by running my first 5K, then riding in the car with my parents to their nursing home without taking a shower.

Grandpa: Wow, you're looking really sharp!
Me: (laughing) Thanks! I ran a race this morning.
Grandpa: Did you win?
Me: Nope, I came in three-hundred-something.
Grandpa: What an athlete!

He also, throughout the day, said that I was cute, and that anyone who made fun of me for not being married yet "can go to hell."

There is a type of person who can find exactly the right way to build your self-esteem in the least amount of conceivable time. My grandparents are of this type.

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