Saturday, February 27, 2010

State Your Purpose, v. 2.0

A little over 3 years ago, I wrote my first SoP--my Statement of Purpose for my U of M MFA application. Last Monday night after a conversation with beautiful yoga teacher Lisa, I decided that some significant changes need to be made in my life in order for me to continue being happy and joyous in 2010. So, I applied, again, to graduate school. Specifically, the U of M (again, fingers crossed they take me this time!) M.Ed in special education.

It's amazing how easy a SoP is to write when one has a purpose. I remember struggling for weeks with my MFA SoP, trying to work my round life into a square hole--typing what I thought the U would want to hear rather than what I really felt. When I read it last week, I couldn't even read through the whole thing--it was awful. No wonder they didn't let me in. Not one authentic word in the whole thing. This time, though, the words flowed easily and authentically. Because this one matters. It is time for me to have this degree.

I'll hear about the program in mid-April. No one except my parents and a few people at work know I've even applied. One of my best friends doesn't even know because, well, we didn't talk last week. Gotta be quick to stay caught up with me, my friends!

Application goes out in Monday's mail--the day of the deadline. In one week's time I decided to apply, did the app/resume/SoP, secured letters of recommendation, tracked down official transcripts from three colleges and my Praxis scores from 1996. Not too darn bad.


Dagny32 said...

Good luck with your application, I hope you get in. Teaching special education kids is hard work, but is rewarding. Just make sure you work at a good school that supports their teachers, because if it's not, then it's that much more difficult.

Kelly Flanigan said...

Thank you! I teach at-risk kids now and high school English. You're so right--a supportive environment makes all the difference!! :-)