Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm baaaaack!

Last week I took a hiatus to Chicago to pretend that the whole world agrees that there's nothing more important than yoga. It was a yoga vacation. I ignored the museums, the sightseeing, the plays, and the restaurants (nope, didn't even have Chicago-style pizza while I was there) and concentrated on filling my days with the yoga.

I attended 13 classes in 7 days. Would have done more if the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) had cooperated. Most of the classes were at CorePower, but I did branch out a bit to two other awesome studios: Tejas Yoga and YogaView.

I met amazing people, and got to know some people I already knew were amazing a little better.

Now I'm home and...a bit nonplussed. I knew that going to that many classes would leave me open, vulnerable, and probably weepy. But I'm questioning *everything*. My yoga, the yoga of others, my mentors, my goals, the way I run my's all up in the air.

So, look for a post in the next few days about how I plan to address at least one of those aspects. Right now, I'm going to go have a cocktail.

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