Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wow...the horoscope world is right!

Now, I realize that probably everyone who subscribes to DailyOM gets the same horoscope...maybe not, but I'll assume so. Usually I read it with a mixture of interest and amusement, and mostly subscribe so I can get good ideas for yoga themes. Today's horoscope gave me pause, though:

"You may feel somewhat aloof today as you endeavor to meet your regular goals. As you retreat deeper into the solitude beckoning so sweetly to you, the people closest to you as well as those who rely on you may express their displeasure at what they deem your detached demeanor. Your desire for isolation more likely than not has little to do with your feelings for your loved ones and colleagues. If you explain to these individuals that you simply want to spend some time reconnecting with yourself away from the distractions of your outer-world concerns today, they will likely reframe their opinions on your decision to withdraw from social contact."

Stepping away from Facebook seemed to surprise some people...and I was surprised at their surprise. Immediately I had a few people tell me they would miss my status updates, and I've gotten a few "come back and talk to me!" messages via email. It's interesting...Facebook is the most isolated "community". I put my words out there and really assume no one really cares except for 2-3 people that I already see every day anyway. The idea that there are people in my life out there who seek me out to find out how I'm doing is, well, both nifty and a little unnerving.


Rajesh said...

Interesting thought in the last lines. I think we all see what we can which is not really much! :) Out there is a world of a million eyes and hearts that see us too.

Il regno del leone said...

Cara Kelly sono un nuovo lettore fisso del tuo blog, è molto bello. Gli occhi sono lo specchio dell'anima se noi siamo sereni il mondo fuori non paura, e se Dio è con noi, la morte, non si teme. Con amicizia Giovanni.