Thursday, March 08, 2012

Mental Health Day

I'm taking one. Tomorrow.  I spent the whole day feeling guilty about the potential of doing so, but when I was gathering my things to go to spin class tonight and Gatsby flung himself at me with an abandon generally reserved for women on the widow's walk, I decided that working from home tomorrow will be just fine.

The guilt thing is weird with me. I used to take days off all the time.  Far more than I should have.  And I think it was an indication that I wasn't happy in my job or, really, in life.  But, in the last 3 years or so (coinciding, coincidentally, with my discovery of yoga), I've found that I don't take many days away from work.  I hate being away from my colleagues and my students.  But, I'm an English teacher.  From time to time, we English teacher types become choked with essays. This is one of those times.  So, tomorrow Gatsby and I will grade papers, hold online conferences with students, and be together.  He will be happy.  And next Monday I'll be ready to hit the rat race again.

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