Thursday, January 03, 2013

The Cost of California Dreamin' and the Value of Someone Who Will Tell You Straight

There are two things about me you need to know if we're going to be good friends.  First, I dream big and often can't be bothered with the technicalities of making my dreams reality.  Second, when I decide I want something, I want it now.

Imagine how much Pepto Bismol I've caused my financial planner to drink over the course of our relationship.  Saving for grad school? Um, I've already enrolled.  No, I don't know how much it costs.  Saving for a house? What? But I want one now.

Over the years she's looked into my dream world of becoming a professional writer, becoming a funeral director, buying a house, getting my master's degree....and now, spending the summerandpossiblylonger in California.  She's been to this rodeo before; I want to move to California tomorrow, but my budget says "Dude, really?"  So, my financial planner looks at me with all of the compassion and love she has and says, "Dude.  Really?"

"Yes.  Really."

"Okay," she sighs. "Well, let's figure it out."

And then we planned my summer in California.  And my masters/PhD in administration.  And I left feeling incredibly grateful for having someone in my life who is willing to be the anchor on my balloon.  Who will step into my world long enough to take a look at my path--and who has a really great road map to get me where I want to go.

If you want her name, let me know;  I couldn't possibly recommend her more.

And, for those of you seeking an update on my new morning schedule plan? After adjusting my bedtime, this morning was another fail.  Woke up at 6:15 when I was supposed to wake up at 5:45.  Tonight I adjusted my caffeine intake.  Cross your fingers for tomorrow!

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