Thursday, June 20, 2013

Daily Schedule, California Style

Sometime: Wake up. Eat breakfast.

Sometime later: Go to yoga. Hang out after with new friends.

Later: Get coffee.

Later: Go to yoga.  Hang out after with new friends.

Later: A, B, C, or D, in no particular order:

A. Drive to beach.  While at the beach, play with the dog in the ocean.  Walk to the end of the pier and back.  Read.  Eat.  Look at the mountains.  Pinch arm.

B.  Go shopping on State Street.  Buy cute clothes I cannot afford any more than I can live without.

C. Go to the farmer's market. Be completely in love with the sunshine, vegetables, and total strangers.

D.  Play with new sequencing and music in the studio.

Later: Go to yoga. Be insanely stretchy and in love with the universe.

Later: Eat.  Drink hot tea. Notice that I cannot stop smiling.

Later: Wonder exactly what it would take to move here.

Later:  Work on grad class, stress over money, drink a cocktail (or three), and eat popcorn.   Also, play Bejeweled Blitz and watch HLN and wonder about the state of the world.

Later:  Realize it's way too late to call anyone in MN to tell them how amazing California is.  Vow to call earlier tomorrow.

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