Wednesday, November 06, 2013

My huge crush on Simon Sinek

It's not just that he's cute...though he is.
It's not just that he's brilliant...though he is.
It's not just that he's humble...though he is.

It's not even that once in awhile I can grab onto his accent, for just a brief moment (though I have to be honest: yum).

I crush on Simon Sinek because, quite simply, smart is sexy.  Watching Simon speak is like going to a spin class.  Or spending an hour in yoga with the best teacher in the world.  Endorphins surge through my brain, my heart rate elevates, I feel strong, and, best of all, I feel smart.  I feel electricity forging new neural pathways (dancing dendrites!) that make me better at my job, better in my relationships, and better in the world.  He decreases my stress.  How? By telling me to get over myself.  By telling me that if I could just stop making assumptions for five minutes, I'd have a lot more energy to enjoy reality.  By teaching me to work smarter, not as a cliche, but as an actual way to live better. And, the best part, he doesn't tell me to do it--he asks me why I wouldn't want to do it.

If you haven't met Simon yet, start here: How Great Leaders Inspire Action.  Then head to his website. Then, because you'll be an addict like me, prepare to spend at least a part of each day loving on Simon Sinek's brilliance.  Have fun! :-)


joumansana said...

This is really nice my friend :)

Anonymous said...

Oh man. I have the biggest crush on him. He's dreamy.